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OSD Overview design-build company

At OneStopDesign Company, we not only accept the responsibility required by the Design-Build process, we hold it as a means to achieve consistent client satisfaction.

The Design-Build process, it is a method of construction in which the design and construction of a Project are contracted and organized from one source – the Design-Builder. While traditional construction methods require the client to serve as a judge/moderator between the general contractor and the designer, Design-Build construction allows for a single point of liability, thereby creating a more structured and exact project. This process helps prevent redundant suspensions in schedule and added construction charges due to unexpected design disagreements typical of traditional construction, when plans are designed in advance.

OneStopDesign's ability to dependably offer higher quality results, and continue to offer excellent client satisfaction, is a direct reflection of the construction experts on our staff, the top design-firms we partner with, and our overall implementation of the Design-Build process. Our philosophy for Design-Build conveyance is based on our capability to lower costs, control the agenda, cut adversity among the contractor and the design crew, and most significantly, create strong lines of communication between all parties to guarantee a good result.


OUR MISSION: Is to continue to combine the several technologies related to the Design/Build Field into a quicker reacting, more customer sensitive, venue, aimed at removing the mystery (and Misery) involved in concluding a successful project.

Our further goal, is to bring the advantages of "virtual officing" and data basing systems to other Firms that are seeking a better more efficient way to service their clients, and organize their working environment.